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Perhaps you're about to relocate to a new job, or are thinking of retiring. Maybe the kids have moved out and now you need less space or you just had a baby and you need more space. Whatever your circumstances, you want the sale of your home to go as smoothly possible and within your ideal time frame. And, of course, getting the best price possible.

Selling a home becomes easier if you have some guidelines to follow, and Bowden Properties is an expert at selling. I will assist and advise you through the entire process from listing your home to getting to closing the deal.

Working With An Agent.  Bowden Properties will help you understand why working with a real estate agent makes sense and how to choose one who's right for you.

How Mimi Bowden can Help Your Home Sell!  From completing a full market analysis for pricing your home, to finding buyers, to marketing tools, to special programs, Bowden Properties has the tools and expertise to make your home sell.

Real Estate Documents. There are so many facets of the selling process that it can be incredibly confusing. I will help you understand the sales contract and other documents so you'll feel more comfortable with the entire selling process.

"Curb Appeal" and Other Selling Tips. I will meet with you to discuss some tried and true suggestions to help your home sell faster and for more money.

Home Inspection. My expertise, especially for vintage homes, will ensure that the sale of your home will go smoother and faster! I will counsel you on inspection items and how to resolve these potential "deal breakers" to keep the sale together.

Accepting An Offer. An offer is an exciting part of the real estate process.  I'll advise you on the entire contract and other documents to help you understand the full legal ramifications of them.

Closing the Transaction. Understanding the closing process will help alleviate stress during the selling transaction, thus, Bowden Properties will be there for the entire process to help guide you through the real estate transaction.

Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment you'll ever make. Buying a home is not just a dollars-and-cents investment; it's an investment in your life. A home purchase will create a sense of stability and identity for you and your family. Regardless of how times change, owning a home remains the cornerstone of the American dream.

To assist you in the process, Bowden Properties has everything you need – from a basic step-by-step overview to a property comparison to home warranties and inspections. So whether you're a first-time buyer or need a brief buying refresher, let me help you through it all.

Rent or Buy? I can help you determine the advantages of buying a home versus renting.

How Much Can I Afford? What you can afford comfortably is extremely important. I work with a number of highly qualified lenders who can take quick look at your finances and help you determine what you can afford, the benefits of equity, what tax advantages you have as a home owner, and getting pre-qualified and approved.

Working with A REALTOR®. Having representation from a Buyer's agent is extremely important in real estate. I will help you make sense of this representation and how to choose an agent who is right for you.

Making An Offer. Composing a good solid offer is essential to potentially "locking up" a home today. I will teach you what you need to know about making an offer on a potential property.

Home Inspection and Insurance. Having your new home inspected prior to finalizing your purchase agreement is a great idea and essential to a buyer.  With years of experience I'll help you navigate through all the inspection items to determine what you'll need to address as a purchaser. Negotiating is a great skill.

Title Insurance and Closing. Understanding title insurance and the closing process will help you make better buying decisions. I will assist you in understanding your "final figures" so you can feel comfortable with the closing process.

Buyer's Tips
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